How To Post/Contribute


This is a short guide on how to post in PWKI site.

  1. Login to your account by going to Please contact if you don’t have an account.
  2. From the home page, you can add a new post by clicking hovering over new icon and selecting post on the top bar in your screen (screenshot below):
  3. Your posting screen should look like the screenshot below. The screen have a lot of options, however, you only need to knew four important part to post. The next steps in this guide will use this screenshot
  4. Enter the title for your post (Callout 1). A post title is usually the most noticeable part of your article at first glance. You should pick a title that easily describe your post
  5. Enter your post on the posting content field (Callout 2). This field have a simple text editor interface that make it easy to visualize what your post will look like. Alternatively, you can select HTML mode (as opposed to visual mode) if you are savvy with HTML.
  6. IMPORTANT! Select the post category appropriate for your post (Callout 3). This is very important to let your intended readers find your post when they are browsing the site. If you forget to do this, your post will be put as uncategorized and the site visitors will not be able to find your post when they browse through the site navigation menu
  7. Publish your post by hitting the publish button (Callout 4). Alternatively, you can preview your post or save it as a draft if the article is unfinished and you want to continue it later on. Only publish your post when it is complete.
  8. Your post is now live on the site! it will be visible to the users visiting the site